Ljósmyndir eftir Emile Barret. Circle Flut::Hringflauta by Brynjar & Veronika, Lafayette Anticipations — Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin, Paris..jpeg

Þráinn Hjálmarsson, Veronika Sedlmair and Brynjar Sigurðarsson

Þráinn Hjálmarsson composer, studied composition at the Royal Academy in The Royal Academy of Art The Hague and at The Iceland Academy of the Arts between 2009 and 2011. Hjálmarsson’s work has been performed by various of musicians and groups. Few exaples are Basel Sinfonietta, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Vertixe Sonora, Marco Fusi, The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, CAPUT, Njútón, Athelas sinfonietta (DK), Nordic Affect.

Together Veronika Sedlmair (1985) and Brynjar Sigurðarsson (1986) form the design- duo ‘Studio Brynjar & Veronika (formed 2014) situated in the south of France.
The studio’s works are full of theater references mixed with ones connected to nature. Relationships between humans and nature are a strong red threat in their work. The works take on different shapes and forms and are dealt with in different mediums, like drawings, photographs, videos, sounds and objects.