36000 years alongside Baubo



Erik Dæhlin 1976*  -  
Fembot Bacchanale, Begin/End (video)
Brice Catherin 1981*  -  36000 years alongside Baubo
Michael Maierhof 1956*  -  Shopping 4
Robin Hoffmann 1970*  -  An-sprache 
Malin Bång 1974*  -  Gläntor, grenar
Thierry De Mey 1956*  -  Musique De Tables

The piece 36000 years alongside Baubo by composer Brice Catherin was composed for the percusson trio Pinquins as part of the ‘Moving Classics’ Project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and will premier at the Festival. The piece is written for three percussionists and twenty-one audience members. Members of the audience will be offered the exciting opportunity to actively participate in the composition of the piece by providing the percussionists with texts which they will use in the piece and they will also get the chance to play an instrument during the performance. Every single performance of this piece will be a unique realization of collaboration between composer, musicians and the audience.