New Ideas Chamber OrchestRA
and The Skark Quartet




Jón Leifs (1899 - 1968)
Gediminas Gelgotas (1986 -)
 Wolf Ebann (1832–1888) "Lullaby"
"Unrobotizable 21,Free" 


An interesting collaboration between the NEW IDEAS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA and the SKARK QUARTET. A collaboration between two cultures - Lithuania and Iceland. The project takes place at the Kintai Music Festival, Lithuania in July before it travels to Iceland.

About the Project
The Project „Past and present music in a dialogue between Lithuania and Iceland“ is intended for promotion and stimulation of cross-cultural dialogue between two countries – Lithuania and Iceland. The aim of the project is to promote spreading of the contemporary professional music in small, distant from the capital, which is the largest cultural centre, Lithuanian regions –Silutė, Kedainiai, involving thereby people of different social backgrounds and introducing them to contemporary and past music. The Project is supported by EEA GRANTS.

Lithuania and Iceland have a very special historical connection. On the 11th of February 1991 Iceland, as a first country, has recognized restored Lithuanian independence. This became very significant event in Lithuania. Established during the project connection between partners of both countries update cultural relations. This project is a bridge between these two countries that fought in the past for their freedom.

The connection establish two promoting contemporary music groups - New Ideas Chamber Orchestra NICO from Lithuania and Skark quartet from Iceland. Both of these string ensembles combine a similar music and performance approach, artists‘ age and  experience, participation in various art projects, including different social groups involvement in projects and also collaboration with other artists from different fields. Like chamber orchestra NICO, centre of  strings quartet Skark is composed from strings instruments and there are composers of contemporary minimalism music among the participants of both groups.

In August 14th, the concert will become a part of Cycle Music and Art Festival. The concerts will feature a joint musical composition consisting of pieces of work by the Lithuanian composer Gediminas Gelgotas, a member of the quartet Skark, and the Jewish composer of the 19th c. Wolf Ebann. A CD of recordings of the concerts will make the final result of the project. The CD, as gratitude to Iceland, will be specially presented in Vilnius on 11 February 2016 commemorating the 25th anniversary since this state was the first in the world to recognize the independence of Lithuania.