cycle in Berlin

Cycle Music and Art festival showcase in Berlin 2015

 On 5 December 2015 Cycle traveled to Berlin. The event was held in collaboration with the Berlin project space Import Projects which is run by Anja Henckel and Nadim Samman. Nadim was the curator of Cycle’s exhibition in Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Museum in August 2015. The event is to mark the beginning of the official collaboration between Import Projects and the Cycle Music and Art Festival and to draw attention to the cross section of contemporary music and fine art.

The Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen, performed his piece ‘Run Time Error’ which is an audio-visual performance which Simon Steen-Andersen performed himself, controlling a stereo sound track and double video projection with two joysticks. The video (and sound) for this double projection are pre-recorded in advance of each performance and shows the composer playing energetically on a large number of objects, while also recording the sound of his actions. As such ‘Run Time Error’ effectively turns Simon Steen-Andersen into the protagonist of a video game-like situation, in which he is also the game player. He turns into an energetic performer that embraces the entire building in which the work was created as a musical instrument.

Iceland’s most famous performance group The Icelandic Love Corporation recreated the work ‘Ceremony Harmony’ adjusting it to German circumstances. In their performance they playfully deal with sterotypes and expectation. The performance took place in a public space outside the gallery. The composer and performer Kaj Duncan David performed his piece ‘Replay’, techno-logical music for amplified electromagnetic relay and three light-bulbs. A relay is used to individually turn on and off the lights. The acoustic sound of the relay’s switches is filtered and transformed. Performed live, Relay is sound and light combined in a rhythmic, trance-inducing play of echoey clicks and dancing shadows.